Project Supervision at KU

I am looking forward to supervising a few KU undergraduate and masters students (in both Computer Science (DIKU) and Maths department) in one of the following project courses: Bachelor's thesis, Projects outside course scope, Project in practice, Bachelor project, Master's Thesis, Thesis preparation project. The projects will roughly be on topics in Theory and Foundations of Machine Learning

Some topics I am personally interested in are

  • Trustworthy Machine Learning including differential privacy, robustness, unlearning, certification, fairness etc. and
  • Learning with limited and imperfect data including unlabelled data, noisy data, and under distribution shift.
In your email, mention the courses you have taken that are relevant to machine learning and mathematics and the grades you have obtained. Also mention, what broad topic you would like to work on. P.S. I will update this page occassionally with some research ideas but I can share more potential topics over email.