Open Positions

I am looking for highly motivated students, with a strong background in probability, statistics, linear algebra, and programming. Reach out to me if you are interested (and refer to this paragraph below in your email) in pursuing a PhD with me on topics in Theory and Foundations of Machine Learning, that you think will also be of interest to me. In your email, please describe your past work, an ideal project you would like to work on in your first year, and why it may be interesting to me.

Some topics I am personally interested in are

  • Trustworthy Machine Learning including differential privacy, robustness, unlearning, certification, fairness etc. and
  • Learning with limited and imperfect data including unlabelled data, noisy data, and under distribution shift.
See below for specific funded positions starting in 2024. If you already have funding or are interested in co-supervision by me, please reach out to me by email.

Available Positions


I will be hiring a postdoc starting in 2025 (possibly earlier if there is a really good match). Reach out to me via email if you are interested and think we can be a good team. In the email, refer to this advertisement, tell me about some of the topics you are interested in, and a couple of your favourite past papers that you.